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Johnny Corn was born John Nalty in San Jose, CA. He is the son of  historian Dr Damon Nalty and Johnny is the husband of  photographer Donna Brammer. 

In 1987 Johnny performed his first stand up in San Jose. Soon after he became Psycho Cow . It didn't take long for him to gain popularity. in 1990 he branched out into broadcast radio under the Psycho Cow name. in 1996 he left radio to return to the comedy stage. 

In 2003 the Psycho Cow name was retired and Johnny Corn was born. New name meant a new comedy style.

Johnny Corn has performed all over the western United States, Canada and the UK. He has appeared on such stages at the San Jose Improv, Rooter T Feathers, Tommy T's Cobbs as well has his own shows, Off The Hook Comedy Showcase and Grapes Of Laugh in his hometown of Campbell, CA.

Johnny has also been in TV commercials as well the movies. Best known for his roles  in the motion pictures  Halloween 7 Bloodline, Doctor By Heart and Comedy Of The Corn.

Johnny Corn